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Malaysia Steel Manufacturer & Stainless Steel Fabricator

T.S. Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is a leading steel manufacturer in Malaysia and a stainless steel fabricator, specialized to undertake projects in relation to stainless steel fabrication and mild steel fabrications. Our stainless steel work involves collaboration with businesses and industries like food service equipment, industrial equipment, stainless steel tanks, furnaces etc. As a growing business ourselves, we have been expanding to other areas like stainless steel laser cutting services. We hold a broadly diversified steel product portfolio for all engineering needs. Our stainless steel product ranges from readily cut sheets, as well as order to make with specific dimensions. We stay prideful with our achievements and reputation, and continue to innovate as we move forward. This is heavily reflected in our persistence in offering quality stainless steel products with affordable prices. For more information relating to stainless steel fabrication and our past projects, please feel free to browse through the website.
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T.S Manufacturing is a Malaysia stainless steel tanks manufacturer who strive to offer quality stainless steel tanks geared towards conserving the environment and at the same tome offering them at affordable prices to the customers. The company has been around for the last 20 years or so. We have specialized in stainless steel tanks fabrications over the years. These areas of specialty are in relation to stainless and mild steel fabrication and are well suited to take projects in area of food service equipment and industry equipment as well as tanks and furnaces.
We are a Malaysia steel manufacturer specialize in stainless steel manufacturing and fabrication for structural works in industrial and commercial buildings. We are known to be a one stop structure stainless steel fabrication provider with a full-fledged steel manufacturing, fabricating, and painting. We have a house of experienced steel engineering team to build customized steel structures according to specific inputs from clients. We are confident to deliver all stainless steel manufacturing works.
Through the use of lasers in crafting high-quality steel parts for different machines and factory complexes, solid surfaces are cut and finished to perfection, in the strictest compliance with schematics and blue prints. This puts laser cutting at both a competitive as well as a cooperative standpoint with more traditional manufacturing methods, such as thermal or mechanical machining, EDM or electric discharge machining, water jet cutting…
T.S. Manufacturing has established a strong portfolio of stainless steel structure works for various industries in Malaysia. We have built ourselves a strong foundation of business networks, as well as an amazing reputation we can claim pride.
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