Laser cutting technology has been widely used for industrial manufacturing to cut many kinds of material especially metal, such as mild steel and stainless steel. Industrial laser machine usually used to cut flat sheet and structural materials. The process of laser cutting is fast and force free. They allow narrow kerfs and high precision cuts when needed.

Other than metals, laser cutting is also used for wood, plastics and ceramics. Laser cutting is cost efficient compared with other technique such as die cutting. One of the benefits using laser cutting is the laser energy input provides small focal diameters, small kerf widths, high feed rate and minimal heat input. This allows the machine to create fancy design according to the needs of clients.

Some of the materials are hard and impossible to cut by traditional method. By using laser cutting than mechanical cutting, the work holding is easier and products contamination can be reduced. Due to the small heat affected zone, the percentage of material being cut get distort is low. The workpiece can remain perfect shape by using laser cutting. It is suitable for both pre-production samples and production batches.

As a stainless steel and mild steel manufacturer for more than 20 years, we provide laser cutting for materials below:

  • Stainless Steel < 16mm Thickness
  • Mild Steel < 22mm Thickness
  • Perpex / Flesi /Acrylic